Bitcoin Latinum community growth news

Bitcoin Latinum Receives Notable News And Market Coverage Alongside Community Growth

In recent months, Bitcoin Latinum has received an incredible amount of community recognition and grown its communities immensely. As the token seeks to be the premier digital asset of the media and entertainment, gaming, telecommunications and cloud computing industries, Bitcoin Latinum is gaining significant attention from major financial news sources, esteemed advertisements, and social communities. Bitcoin Latinum’s goal is mass adoption, and the word is certainly being spread about Bitcoin Latinum far and wide. While Bitcoin Latinum is still in its infancy and attention is slowly rising, here are the most notable appearances and community growth reporting to date.


Founder of Bitcoin Latinum and CEO of Monsoon Blockchain Dr. Don Basile has recently been seen on Nasdaq Trade Talks, Benzinga Crypto, and Cheddar News discussing how Bitcoin Latinum is the next-generation solution to Bitcoin, highlighting Latinum’s high transaction speed, low costs, and miniscule energy usage. With continued appearances on notable platforms, news sites and social communities, Bitcoin Latinum is enthusiastic for broader adoption and utility once the token hits exchanges soon.


In addition, Bitcoin Latinum was also recently seen on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange billboard in Times Square, which showcased Bitcoin Latinum as “the next generation currency” in the heart of New York City. In addition to public advertisements for Bitcoin Latinum, a number of popular crypto youtubers have covered analyses of the coin, like Crypto Bull and Satoshi Aoki


bitcoin latinum nasdaq

Bitcoin Latinum featured on Nasdaq billboard in Times Square


While the diverse coverage that Bitcoin Latinum has received has sparked excitement for the team, the most exciting growth being seen is from the LTNM fanbase. Growth is accelerating across several platforms, led by the Bitcoin Latinum Instagram channel with a whopping 57.4K followers, followed next by the Facebook page, which has received a total following of nearly 22.9K. More community-oriented channels where the LTNM audience can discuss at large has grown immensely, with the Bitcoin Latinum Twitter tallying 14K followers, and Telegram counting around 4.5K contacts. The Bitcoin Latinum team is thrilled to have brought so many people together to build the future of crypto with LTNM, and are eager to continue spreading the word about the benefits of Bitcoin Latinum for the world.

With all of the positive news about Bitcoin Latinum’s utilities spreading, it is encouraged that the Bitcoin Latinum audience stay up to date on relevant news and information regarding the project. For the most up-to-date insights, please follow Bitcoin Latinum on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.