Based on the Bitcoin ecosystem, Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM) aims to carry forward Satoshi’s idea of making Bitcoin a bankless and peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

Based on the source code, protocol, and algorithm of Bitcoin, it is an open architecture cryptocurrency technology project capable of handling large transaction volumes, cybersecurity, and digital asset management. The goal is to enhance the Bitcoin code to operate with higher security, increased transactional speed, higher reliability, and lower transaction cost.

In addition, Bitcoin Latinum takes a groundbreaking green initiative to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by deploying a Power-friendly Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. It is in accordance with the project’s commitment to sustainable environmental practices and support of the Crypto Climate Accord. Besides, the PoS consensus allows Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM) holders to participate in and secure the network in exchange for rewards.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Latinum creates a decentralized financial network for efficient and secure digital asset transactions for media, gaming, cloud computing, and telecommunications.

Greener, Energy Efficient Consensus

Bitcoin Latinum uses an advanced version of Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism to counter the inherent problems of PoW based networks. PoS mining enables LTNM holders to earn rewards for holding their coins as collateral to stake on the Bitcoin Latinum network. The mining incentives are proportional to the number of coins a staker holds.

Faster Transactions

Utilizing an efficient consensus mechanism, Bitcoin Latinum provides a much better on-chain payment network compared to Bitcoin. It immediately leads to reduced transaction size and increases in the transaction volume capability.

Bitcoin Latinum offers a highly scalable network that supports millions of transactions per day to facilitate retail transactions. With the Proof of Stake consensus method, Bitcoin Latinum ensures the network facilitates more transactions per minute at lower transaction fees.

Bitcoin Latinum reduces the cost of Bitcoin transactions from the average of multiple dollars to cents per transaction. This is achieved with a variety of mechanisms including the energy-efficient consensus protocol, approved node configuration, high-performance node interconnection, and shorter confirmation.

Secure and Insured

Bitcoin Latinum nodes implement Workload Protection strategies to secure the network. All these nodes must meet network requirements to become a member of an “Approved Party” to access the consensus mechanism to further strengthen the ecosystem. Additionally, Bitcoin features a distributed transaction firewall to safeguard the network. Moreover, users are protected under a comprehensive insurance program that protects LTNM holders in case of internal collusion or external theft.

Community Governed

Bitcoin Latinum uses a representative government model to achieve true democracy in its ecosystem. It is done by allowing community members to participate in the governance mechanism of the protocol via staking model. The goal is to protect Bitcoin Latinum from 51% attacks that often expose potential crippling flaws in many existing protocols.


The future of cryptocurrencies is decentralized finance. Bitcoin Latinum formulates a DeFi transaction network that facilitates secure and near-instant digital asset sales of Media, Cloud, and Gaming. The network has a PoS like consensus model that may allow token holders to participate in the network to earn a yield on their holdings.