Digifinex to launch LTNM

Bitcoin Latinum To Launch On DigiFinex Week Of October 21st

It is with great excitement that we announce that Bitcoin Latinum will be listing on DigiFinex during the week of October 21st, 2021. DigiFinex is the first of a half dozen exchanges that plan to list Bitcoin Latinum before the end of 2021, according to Monsoon Blockchain, Bitcoin Latinum’s lead developer. LTNM will be traded with BTC and USDT pairs.

DigiFinex is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, facilitating an average of $1 billion in daily exchange volume, supporting over 4 million users across 150 countries worldwide. DigiFinex was selected to be the first exchange to launch Bitcoin Latinum because of its ability to better reach our global audience of users and investors. One of the leading digital asset exchanges for spot, leverage, perpetual, and fiat to crypto trading, DigiFinex is widely trusted because of its renowned customer service.

Bitcoin Latinum seeks to lead the future of retail transactions across the media and entertainment, gaming, telecommunications and cloud computing industries. The LTNM token is well equipped to facilitate the expected influx of users, taking a different approach to Bitcoin with a Proof-of-Stake infrastructure that permits greater sustainability, security, speed, and lower transaction costs. A member of the Crypto Climate Accord, Bitcoin Latinum enters its exchange launch with DigiFinex as a model for digital asset market sustainability.

Kiana Shek, the CXO of DigiFinex Exchange, commented on Bitcoin Latinum’s upcoming exchange launch, stating, “Sustainability is always our first priority, professionally as well as personally, and Bitcoin Latinum is bringing a way out. We are excited to be the very first exchange to launch LTNM, the greener and faster Bitcoin with Proof-of-Stake consensus.”

We are proud to partner with DigiFinex to best serve the growing Bitcoin Latinum ecosystem, and look forward to the upcoming exchange launch with excitement. For more listing updates, please follow our social media accounts and updates on the Bitcoin Latinum website.