What Is A Bitcoin Ticker

Ever had some bitcoins lying around? You may have some in an online wallet, or even some on a physical wallet. Whatever the case maybe, it’s good to know what your currency is worth at any given time! That’s where the bitcoin ticker come in; they act like currency monitors that can be seen anywhere. So what is this exactly? A “ticker” (in this instance) means somebody who always manages to stay up-to-date with whats happening in the world of cryptocurrency and will share their knowledge with others.

So how’d you get started with these coins? Did you buy them off of someone else using money from your bank account through an online service (e.g. Coinbase), or did you mine them yourself? In either case, you’ll probably want to know the value of your BTC in USD. This can be done by looking at a bitcoin ticker.

These come in many different forms from online websites that have been designed to keep track of the value of one’s cryptocurrency [for example: enter btc (small case) into Google and click on ‘I’m feeling lucky’], or if they’re on a physical hardware wallet it may give their balance in USD/GBP/EUR instead; but soon we will see more and more devices becoming compatible with cryptocurrencies such as IoT devices! If this interests you, let us know in the comments below
So how do I set up my bitcoin ticker? Well, the steps vary depending on what you want to use and how tech-savvy (or not) you are; but we’ll try our best to explain with as much detail as possible.

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To set it up online, all you really need is your wallet address, which can be found in the menu at the top after clicking ‘wallet’.
All this does is tell us where to send any funds that we may have money. All this address would do if typed into a browser is take us to a webpage showing how much BTC we have in our wallet and other details.

The first step would be to click the ‘QR’ button, this will show a QR code that can be scanned using this program on your phone/tablet/smartwatch etc just like how you’d scan a coupon or something similar at a store . After doing this, it should automatically redirect you to an address where you can send funds from any of your wallets (desktop, mobile) as long as they are made by the same company (for compatibility reasons). In our case, we sent from our Coinbase account since were fond of their very easy-to-use app

After sending some funds to yourself from whatever place you had them stored, the only thing left to do on your part is open up a bitcoin ticker program on your phone/tablet/smartwatch etc and scan the QR code with it. The app should automatically detect that you have just received some BTC and show their value in USD (this can be changed depending on how you want them to be displayed). Voila! You now know how much your BTC are worth at any given time

We hope this article has been useful and hope we’ve helped you understand better what this is! If there’s anything we missed or if something doesn’t make sense, feel free to let us know so we can improve our writing