What Is The Elon Coin

The elon coin named after “Elon Musk”, is the cryptocurrency that pays you to send and receive money!

This article discusses how the decentralized wallet Toqqn, is issuing its own ERC20-Token called ‘elon’, which has a deflationary model. It offers up to 10% annual rewards on your transaction activity in Toqqn Wallet. You will be able to withdraw them from your account and deposit them into crypto exchanges or other wallets that support Ethereum Tokens. A new blockchain technology called ‘Proof of Transaction’ will distribute 20% of all profit generated through transactions with Toqqn users, among them proportionally to the coins they own.

Toqqn is a new blockchain-based social platform that aims to offer its users and community members a new and innovative way of earning and spending cryptocurrencies, while also delivering an intuitive user-friendly interface that enables anyone with basic computer skills to fully participate in this process. The Toqqn project was founded by the same team responsible for previously launching Qchain, a decentralized marketing application for blockchain.

The elon coin has been created as antoken on the Ethereum Blockchain Network. It returns value to its holders through deflation by imposing an annual 10% reduction rate on all wallets that receive payouts. So if it reaches a price of 1 /1 token, that means that you would receive 10% more the next year. This incentivizes people to HODL their coins because if they keep them for a longer period of time, they will receive even more next year without having to do anything.

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The Toqqn wallet gives all its users the possibility to be rewarded with these tokens through an annual rewards distribution program based on confirmation of transactions made through the wallet’s Ethereum address. You can ‘mine’ them by using your account 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without any limitations or restrictions. Users can also buy these token on Toqqn’smarket.

The final sale price of 1 /1 is 0.00032 ETH, but if you sign up early with our referral code you will receive a 25% discount on the final price! This means that instead of paying 0.00032 ETH for 1 Elon, you only pay 0.00024 ETH! That’s 25% off the original price, free money!

To make sure all transactions are confirmed fairly and equally between all owners, we use a new technology called ‘Proof of Transaction’. Proof Of Transaction (PoT) is similar to Proof-of-Work in that it requires miners to solve cryptographic problems and verify transactions. But unlike PoW, which is an energy-inefficient process, PoT does not need any sort of expensive mining hardware or high electricity bills. Instead, the Toqqn Wallet simply monitors transaction activity and awards 10% of all fees generated through these transactions with gives back to its users proportionally o the number of the amount they own.