Bitcoin Latinum partners with The H.Wood Group

In an exciting turn of events, Bitcoin Latinum is partnering with the world-famous luxury hospitality and lifestyle company, The H.Wood Group. The H.Wood Group, based out of Los Angeles, is a well-renowned hospitality company that combines luxury food with innovative concepts and warm hospitality to provide a unique experience.

The partnership between Bitcoin Latinum and The H.Wood Group will result in the next-gen Bitcoin being accepted across the entire chain and several cross-promotional marketing initiatives. Both the platforms will benefit by introducing their services to a new genre and pitch to the respective clienteles.

What does the partnership entail?

The partnership between Bitcoin Latinum and The H.Wood Group will involve several marketing initiatives, event sponsorships, and endorsements. The H.Wood Group will allow the guest to pay for tables, drinks, food, and merchandise using Bitcoin Latinum with Bitcoin and Ethereum Tokens.

This partnership is a vital step for both companies to expand their horizons. The co-founder of The H.Wood Group, John Terzian, expressed his excitement about the partnership,

“As entrepreneurs, Brian and I have always looked into the future rather than getting stuck in old ways. We are constantly watching, learning and adapting. Crypto and blockchain are the future in many ways and we want The h.wood Group to be ahead of the curve. We are excited for this endeavor with Bitcoin Latinum,”

Cryptocurrencies are gradually integrating with different industry verticals, and the hospitality and entertainment sector is one of the busiest industries. By integrating Bitcoin Latinum with a prominent hospitality company, Bitcoin Latinum will open up new opportunities.

“It is an honor to work with great entrepreneurs like John and Brian,” said Dr. Donald Basile, CEO of Monsoon Blockchain Corporation. “We look forward to our partnership, and helping companies and individuals understand the benefits of the blockchain to foster widespread adoption across the entertainment and hospitality industries.”

About The H.Wood Groups

The H.Wood Group is founded by entrepreneurs John Terzian and Brian Toll. They independently own and operate the entire network of restaurants, nightlife, and hotel venues worldwide. The H.Wood Group caters to the needs of celebrities and influencers and has won multiple awards for its unique concepts.

Some of the popular concepts under the company include, The NICE GUY, Delilah LA, Delilah Las Vegas at Wynn Resorts, Delilah Miami, SLAB, Mason, Petite Taqueria, and hospitality venues include Blind Dragon, Bootsy Bellows, Poppy, The Peppermint Club, SHOREbar, 40 LOVE and FOUND Hotels.

About Bitcoin Latinum

Bitcoin Latinum is the next-gen Bitcoin fork that offers faster, cheaper, and greener transactions. LTNM operates on a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm that bypasses Proof of Work’s network congestion and high power usage to offer a safer alternative to Bitcoin while staying true to its fundamentals.

Bitcoin Latinum does not restrict itself to a particular genre, as evident from this partnership with a leading entertainment and hospitality business. The company aims to introduce cryptocurrencies in several sectors such as media, entertainment, gaming, storage, cloud, and telecommunications. Bitcoin Latinum has a thorough roadmap planned which includes more strategic partnerships and launches coming soon.