If you brought Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM) tokens on pre-sales, please read through the next steps.

Current Status:

Congratualtions to all…We are officially trading in DigiFinex and in mainNet now.

As per the request from the community, we are doing an official survey on the timing of Token release schedule.

If you’re an early investor, please see the survey results app at https://app.bitcoinlatinum.com and submit your vote.

Results of Pre-sale Token Release Schedule Survey

Completed on Nov 7, 11:59PM PST

Last updated Nov 8 2021 1:33 PM PST

When can I get the LTNM tokens I brought on pre-sale?

As per the request from the community and pre-sale investors, we did a survey on the release plan for LTNM tokens. Majority of the people (63.47% as person and 95% based on the token they are holding) voted for Option A as the plan for Token Release Schedule, which describes as below.  Please see above for the results.

Option A:

The release schedule for all Pre-Sale Tokens is as follows:

  • 20% tokens will be released after 4 months (Feb 26, 2022)
  • 100% tokens will be released after 6 months (April 26, 2022)

This means, investors will wait until LTNM is in more major exchanges, which generate more volume and stability and will have a positive impact on the price.

Why there is a delay in releasing the official bitcoin latinum wallet?

The wallets are ready now and it is available in Google Playstore or Apple AppStores.



Thanks for your continued support and patience.

I am waiting for my wallet for some time. Have you issued the tokens to someone else including your team?

We have NOT issued any tokens to anyone including the team, advisors, or early investors.  As per the token release survey, we will be following the below schedule for distribution, as the clear majority on the token holders.

  • 20% tokens will be released after 4 months (Feb 26, 2022)
  • 100% tokens will be released after 6 months (April 26, 2022)

Note:  Insider tokens including Team, Advisor, Foundation Partners already have a minimum one-year hold on selling. The Marketing tokens are primarily locked for a minimum of 6 months (from Oct 26, 2021). In general, Team, Advisor, Foundation Partner, and Marketing tokens have vesting and lockup periods with multiple conditions and will be dispersed over 3 to 4 years.

Looks like the current wallet address does not work and your system complains about it needs to start with ‘T’. What can I do?

You need to wait until the official wallet to be published.

Please make sure you do NOT make up your own wallet address.

There is no way in the blockchain world to validate the wallet address other than checking the prefix.  The wallet address is more like your bank account number, if you got it wrong, your funds are gone. At least in banking, there is way to track it or get rejected if account is non-exist.

For example, here is a wallet address we have in record.  “TELgB15eHpatThinking”.  Few folks generated the test wallet address and then replaced ‘x’ with ‘T’ to bypass the GUI validation. So please do NOT do this.

Wait until we release the official wallet. Otherwise, you will lose your fund and no one can help to recover including the Latinum team itself.


There is NO need to hurry and transfer your tokens to your wallet immediately.

We will be in at least seven crypto exchanges by the end of December and plan to be in more exchanges, including some top ones by early 2022. Your tokens will be safe in our token sale platform and they won’t be distributed into the blockchain until you’re ready. If you want to wait until the LTNM token is in your favorite crypto exchange, you can wait.

Please note that once the tokens are transferred to your wallet, we do not control your tokens. You are solely responsible for keeping track of your 12-word recovery key (mnemonic). Bitcoin Latinum company or team cannot recover the fund if you lost your keys or someone else used your keys to withdraw your funds.

I brought Latinum on a pre-sale, what’s next?

Please read first section to understand when the LTNM tokens will be distributed.

First of all, thank you for your early support of the Bitcoin Latinum project. We are just as excited as you to get into the next revolution of digital assets with Bitcoin Latinum.

Your tokens should be listed in your account portal once your purchase is approved.

Before distributing the tokens to your wallet, every investor needs to complete the following steps.

  1. Email verified (This is mostly done for all investors)
  2. KYC Submitted and Approved
  3. All SAFT Documents are signed (note that for each approved transaction, you need to sign a SAFT doc)
  4. MainNet Latinum Wallet address.  The mainNet LTNM wallet address starts with Prefix ‘T’

If any of these steps are not complete, the Tokens cannot be distributed in any scenario.

In order to understand your current status of token, please login to your account at the token management app at https://app.bitcoinlatinum.com and see Dashboard.

Once you complete all the above steps, then you are allowed to distribute your pre-sale tokens into your own wallet.  However, please read and understand the below points before you do this.

  • Bitcoin Latinum is a new blockchain and the Latinum wallet is also new. We are working to make sure that all the transfer process is smooth and wallet and software will work properly.  Our utmost goal is to make sure that your fund and tokens are secure and safe.
  • If you’re not planning to sell immediately or plan to transfer to DigiFinex (which is our first exchange) on the first day itself, there is no need to transfer the LTNM tokens to your wallet.  Your tokens will be very safe in our token management platform, as we are not going to distribute those tokens to the blockchain until you’re ready.
  • Once you transfer the LTNM tokens to your wallet, then you’re your own and you’re solely responsible for keeping the tokens safe including your 12-word mnemonic, etc.  If you’re not comfortable with this process, it will be better to keep the tokens in the token management platform until you get comfortable with that process.
  • Bitcoin Latinum cannot recover your funds for you, if you lose your recovery key.  If someone get access to these recovery keys, they have full access to your funds.  So keep the keys safe and private.

How do I download Bitcoin Latinum Wallets?

Bitcoin Latinum wallets are approved and available for both Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore now.  Please make sure you uninstall any previous version of the apps and install the latest from AppStore.  The LTNM address generated from these wallets must have a prefix of ‘T’. 



How do I test Bitcoin Latinum Wallet

Please download the wallet from respective app stores.

  1. Open the Bitcoin Latinum Wallet
  2. Select the option to create a new wallet, if do not any existing Latinum wallet
  3. Please make sure to remember the secret passphrase.
  4. Follow the steps and make sure you save the 12 word mnemonic (recovery key) safely.
  5. Note that storing the recovery key (12 word mnemonic) is very important step.  If someone gets access to these recovery keys, they have full access to your funds. So keep keys safe and private
  6. NOTE that the Bitcoin Latinum team or anyone cannot recover your funds for you if you lose your recovery key.
  7. You will be able to see the “wallet address” generated if you are able to go through the steps.
  8. If you have any trouble in making the mnemonic work, please double-check again.
  9. At any time, you’re not able to comfortably with your wallet, do not try to distribute the tokens to the wallet. Your tokens will be safer on the Token sales platform until you’re ready.
  10. Get comfortable with Latinum wallet and options possible
  11. As the Last step, log out of the App, kill the app from your mobile phone and then try launch the app, import the wallet using the previously saved 12 word mnemonic.
  12. See eventing is back including your balance.

What are the exchanges Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM) will be listed?

We already announced four major exchanges now such as DigiFinex, XT.com. FMFW.io (formerly known as Bitcoin.com Exchange) and BitMart.com.  There are at least two more exchanges we will be announcing soon.  They all will list before the end of Dec.  We are working with more exchanges including some of the top ones for early 2022.  We will announce the names and dates for them once the logistics are completed and discussions are final.  Our goal is to list on as many exchanges as possible as part of our mission to reach wider audiences and improve the acceptance of digital assets on a global scale.

I have not signed my SAFT doc yet. Am I in trouble?

You’re fine in purchasing the tokens and keeping it in our portal. We won’t be able to transfer the tokens until KYC is done/approved and SAFT docs are signed.

I tried to Sign the SAFT doc, but nothing happens?

We use “DocuSign” service to electronically sign the documents.  For Docusign to work, the popup blocker needs to be disabled for their site.  Mostly your browser is blocking the popup from docusign and docusign is not able to bring another tab.

Please try disabling the popup blocker, or try another browser.  Please make sure you access this page from a desktop machine.


Please google on how to disable popup blocker for your browser and operating system.

I already added my wallet address (ETH or others) into the “Add Wallet section”.  How can I remove it?  Am I in trouble?

We understand that some of you folks might have put the wrong or ETH address into this field.  Since the Production (mainnet) Latinum wallet is not released yet, we are going to clear the “Latinum wallet address” field info from the folks who filled it wrongly.  We also will do the validation to make sure it starts with Latinum main net wallet address (It has to start with the letter ‘T’).  So for now, you do not need to do anything.